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Blazon Experience

Unparalleled excellence and timeless elegance awaits you at Blazon Hotels. Inspired by experiences and available at all hours, our consistently exceptional services satis es even the most precocious guests.

Surrounded by opulence and offering curated services, Blazon Hotels is a refreshing respite for those seeking an everlasting experience.


Reflecting the Blazon Hotels brand philosophy, our concierges offer refined expertise and customized services to suit every needs. Available at all hours, you can rest comfortably knowing that all your requests will receive our utmost attention and care.

Luxury Client

The Blazon Hotels special guest will be a luxury client that is well travelled and has high expectations and lives a sophisticated lifestyle fit for their wealth. This traveller has lived and enjoys the wealthy lifestyle they have earned.


Perfected with time and crafted by experts, the Blazon Hotels experience creates everlasting moments that delights our guests and leave them craving for more.